About Us


JUNE 2017

With our lightweight brushes, you will always have that sleek, just brushed look on your luscious locks! Use one at home, the beach & pool- brushing has never been this simple and painless!

APRIL 2017

Beard Grooming

The guys were getting J around here; at their request, we had to launch some guy products :) Our Beard Balm, Beard Oil and amazing Beard Grooming Kit made them more than happy!

JULY 2017

Our Carrier Oil Set is finally complete with our corresponding Essential Oil Gift Set. With the top 6 Essential Oils, you are sure to have the best aromatherapy experience, whether during a massage or in a diffuser.

APRIL 2016

Our Argan Oil Hair products will give you amazing results; lush beautiful locks whilst curing your hair from past damage from hot hair tools.

Great Hair Care = Great looking YOU!

MAY 2016

With summer on the horizon, we wanted to provide a larger variety of body scrubs for all skin types. Beach and Pool time; you will have clear and glowing skin! 


At first I blamed that the Pregnancy did a number on my wife. With a few little ones to take care of, I just wanted her to be a stay at home mom and relax. But she wouldnt have it. She wanted to provide every mom and gal out there with safe beauty products for the whole family and she wanted to do it fast! Her passion got me caught up in the wind of things and we launched a few products. Who doesnt love a good exfoliating experience?

- Sam



With my three little kids in tow, and another one on the way, I was constantly on the lookout for Beauty products that were affordable and safe for my body while pregnant. One evening during bedtime I lost it. I had squirted a glob of lotion in my palms and had begun to massage my worn-out legs when red patches began to appear. This was the fourth lotion I had tried and I was really fed up! We spend so much time worrying about the food we consume; its health value, the ingredient list etc. And somehow when it comes to all the products we slather on our skin, we never even bother wondering what exactly it is we are feeding our skin! I did some research about the ingredients in the lotion and I couldnt believe how toxic some of the stuff were!

It was a lot to juggle with my brood, but I had an inspiration and I was not about to let it get away. And thus, Premium Nature was born. My goal - provide affordable beauty products, without compromising on quality

- Gail