Bath Bombs For Kids Gift Set 6 Pack


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These Premium Nature Toy Surprise Bath Bombs are so amazing, your senses will be heightened and you will love the added toy surprise in each one! Once you drop the bath bomb in the water it begins to fizzle, releasing healthy and soothing agents that will leave your body feeling renewed. Shea Butter will soften and moisturize to furnish velvety luminous skin, while essential oils leave your skin with a delectable scent and give you sensuous vitality. Unwind with an amazing experience – your body will beg you for a bath every night!

The Premium Nature Toy Surprise Bath Bombs Set is a practical gift for any loved one. Packaged in a beautiful box, you get six bath bombs:

Surprise: a burst of awe and revelation
Passion: a burst of thrill and adventure
Sublime: a burst of elevation and glory
Siesta: a burst of peace and tranquility
Freshness: a burst of crisp air and dew
Expression: a burst of ultimate delight

Special Features:

All-natural, essential bath bombs.
Soothing agents to replenish skin.
A toy surprise in each one!